DeoGerm is an organic deodorizer with disinfecting properties. It eliminates germs and bacteria, kills off dust mites that live off skin cells, and alleviates stale odors from everyday household germs and contamination, pet dander, and urine issues. By removing these microscopic pests trapped between your carpet fibers, DeoGerm will significantly improve the overall air quality in your home. 

Although, DeoGerm treatment is required for any areas that have pet stains, bodily fluids, mold, or mildew, it may also be applied as a whole-house deodorizer.

Providing a precise cost estimate over the phone or online is challenging without a visual assessment of the specific situation. Generally, for minor issues like a small urine stain in a corner, a single application of DeoGerm should suffice for deodorizing and sanitizing the area.

For more severe situations, you may need a high concentration or multiple DeoGerm applications to ensure our work's effectiveness. Different areas may require varying levels of treatment, and sometimes we discover pet accidents that our clients weren't aware of. If your situation is more than a minor problem, it's advisable for our technician to conduct an on-site assessment using a black light to detect pet stains and contamination better. Click to learn more about how the black light illuminates protein-based contamination.

The final price and scope of work will be determined during the initial walkthrough, and you won't be charged until you are completely satisfied with our service.

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